Photonic Time-Stretching Processor

The W Scientific Photonic Time-Stretching Processor (PTP) allows monitoring and characterization of up to 40 GHz signals with a commercially available digitizer. This patented PTP performs “time-stretching” of the input RF signal and converts the stretched optical signal to the electrical signal, which is then sampled by the electronic digitizer.

The PTP is an innovative product based on Time Stretch Enhanced Recorder (TiSER) technology that can provide real time signal processing up to 40 GHz with 8 ENOB. The PTP converts the RF input into a optical signal and stretches it. The stretched optical signal is then converted back to electrical at a much lower frequency while maintaining data integrity. The photonic time-stretching then allows electronic digitization with a commercially available digitizer. 

Combined with the photonic time-stretching, the electronic digitization provides unprecedented sampling capability with lower power consumption than traditional electronic-only approaches. 


  • Real Time Burst Measurement to 40 GHz and Beyond
  • 8 Effective Number of Bits
  • Able to capture rare events
  • Increased sampling resolution
  • Smaller, more compact form
  • Ruggedized and robust construction
  • Lower power consumption

The underlying mechanism of the time-stretching technology is to exploit optical dispersion in fiber to spread different spectral components over time.  This allows for a slowing down of an RF signal before digitization.

Unlike traditional systems, the W Scientific complete digitizing solution is able to capture more bandwidth by stretching the processing signal by up to 40x. This increases the sampling resolution dramatically while being able to simultaneously better capture rare events. This product is ideal for 40 GHz scope, bio and medical imaging, defense, optical network performance, and THz frequency applications.