W Scientific provides high speed digitizing products suited for signal processing applications of 40+ GHz. Using Time Stretch Enhanced Recorder (TiSER) technology and a unique patented Photonic Time-stretching Processor (PTP) and Real-Time Processing Digitizer, W Scientific can provide the World's first 40 GHz TiSER digitizer system at a fraction of the expense.

The W Scientific system's competitive edge lies in the following:

  • Higher performance of 40 Gb/s
  • Greater Dynamic Range
  • Smaller, more compact form
  • Ruggedized and robust construction
  • Lower power consumption

W Scientific provides a portfolio of products that work as stand-alone solutions or together as a full digitizing solution.

Available in the beginning of 2014, this deployable hybrid photonic and electronic digitizer, termed as TiSER oscilloscope, has the unprecedented capability to provide a high dynamic range over greater than 40 GHz of analog bandwidth.

In addition to these unique products, W Scientific can customize a product solution that meets the customer's digitizing requirements. Please contact us for more for information.