Optical Network Performance Monitoring

Next generation optical networks will be highly reconfigurable and adaptable to shifting demands and impairments and W Scientific is prepared to meet these needs. W Scientific solutions have the ability to monitor performance in real-time by assessing the quality of optical data packets passing through the network. This information gives valuable insight into the state of the physical layer and allow for dynamic reconfiguring of routing architecture for performance optimization. The W Scientific TiSER oscilloscope meets these damands, demonstrating both its high sampling throughput and high bandwidth in experiments performed in testbed at Columbia University.

Latest Networks up to 100 Gb/s

An array of W Scientific wideband digitizers can be integrated for applications in Terahertz frequency bands. Terahertz is broadly described as the spectrum between 100 GHz and 10 THz. Applications can span in a multitude of areas in biomedical characterization and surveillance screening with a growing demand in the development of communications systems in THz spectrum.