W Scientific's core exprertise is the development and production of high performance digitizing solutions based on Time Stretcher (TiSER) technology for 40 G to 100+G communications.


W Scientific is an affiliate of Optilab, a leading provider of high performance and cost effective laser and photonic products. For more information about Optilab, please visit their website.


W Scientific was founded in 2012 by defense industry veterans. Recognizing a absence of high performance digitizers with a competitive cost, W Scientific developed a digitizing system based on TiSER technology that can signal process up to 40 GHz with 8 ENOB at a lower cost. W Scientific completed SBIR Phase I for the Department of Defense a Hybrid Photonic and Electronic Ultra Wideband Low Power Digitizer.


The W Scientific employees or contracts with around 20 full-time highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in electrical, optical, mechanical engineering, as well as marketing, sales, project management, and business development all in the United States.

Leadership at W Scientific bring significant technical knowledge as well as management experience from both commercial and defense industries, including  Lucent Bell Labs, Altra Broadband, Northrop Grumman, Honeywell, as well as founding Optilab, Micro Photonix Integration, Troicom, Citius Systems. Together, they possess significant knowledge in communications and high speed system development, which specialize in commercial wireless systems and high performance FPGA-based platforms as well as laser and photonic sub-system design and development for optical communications, fiber laser, fiber sensors, and RF over Fiber. With nearly a century of combined experience in Government, Aerospace, Space, and DoD.