About Us

W Scientific mission lies in the development and production of high performance digitizing solutions based on Time Stretcher (TiSER) technology for 40 G to 100+G communications. Beginning at the beginning of 2014, W Scientific will be able to provide high bandwidth TiSER systems. In addition to its standard products, W Scientific also provides customized products per its customer's specific requirements. W Scientific is based out of Phoenix, Arizona with additional sales, support, and engineers based out of Southern California.

W Scientific is an affiliate of Optilab.

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Competitive Advantage of W Scientific

W Scientific has a leading edge in the develiopment of high speed digitizing products for a number of reasons.

  • Innovative TiSER design
  • Higher Performance over Cost
  • Compact and Low Power Consumption
  • Customization for clients' needs
  • US company based in Arizona

For more information, please contact W Scientific: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)